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Snek by Demyxismynickname Snek :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 3 0 Annabell by Demyxismynickname Annabell :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 1 2 Wood Elf by Demyxismynickname Wood Elf :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 3 6
In The Asylum
   I awoke from another one of my recurring nightmares, dripping with sweat. Shakily I got out of bed and scrambled for something to cover my bare feet with as they touched the cold tile floor. I lifted the glass of lukewarm water to my lips and sipped the chlorine flavored liquid. Sleepily, I shuffled into the hallway. The lights of the spotless white hall blinded me and I got a nauseatingly strong wife of coffee and cleaning fluids up my nose.
'I’m gonna have to get used to that', I thought.
I moved silently through the hall as I followed the noise of electricity humming in the other room. My eyes adjusted to the darkness as I entered the common area and I watched the night life of the room mutter and mumble and some rocked back and forth. I approached a man I knew only as “Prancer” (he believed he was a horse), and sat down across from him. He sat snorting and staring at a TV screen that only showed static. I tried to make conversation, but none of them w
:icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 2 3
Growing Up in New Hampshire
She stood barefoot on the frozen ground, holding her siblings, keeping them as warm as she could. The flames blazed before their eyes and a sudden explosion sent a fireball skyward. Her brothers and sisters shrank back, clutched her nightgown and buried their faces into her sides. Alice bent down and wrapped her bathrobe around them, exposing herself to the wind and falling snow. She shivered and closed her eyes, trying to regulate her temperature. They waited in the snow for almost an hour before the firefighters finally arrived from the base of the mountain. By then, her skin was blue, and her toes were numb. They pried her crying siblings from her sides, and they were rushed into ambulances. While they ushered her into her own, she watched the firemen begin to douse the flames before the doors to the ambulance closed and she drifted into shock induced unconsciousness.
When she awoke later, she
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Meriadoc Brandybuck by Demyxismynickname Meriadoc Brandybuck :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 0 5 Warrior Angel by Demyxismynickname Warrior Angel :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 0 0 Tears Of An Angel by Demyxismynickname Tears Of An Angel :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 2 0 Ichabod Crane Color by Demyxismynickname Ichabod Crane Color :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 0 0 Katrina Van Tassel Color by Demyxismynickname Katrina Van Tassel Color :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 2 0 Brom Bones Color by Demyxismynickname Brom Bones Color :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 0 0 Brom Bones Black and White by Demyxismynickname Brom Bones Black and White :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 0 0 Katrina Van Tassel Black and White by Demyxismynickname Katrina Van Tassel Black and White :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 2 0 Gnome Colored Pencil by Demyxismynickname Gnome Colored Pencil :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 3 2 Gnome Ink by Demyxismynickname Gnome Ink :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 1 2 Gnome Grayscale by Demyxismynickname Gnome Grayscale :icondemyxismynickname:Demyxismynickname 2 0


Alternatives to DeviantART
I know many people are upset about the Core Membership changes (and even changes, policies, or actions far before that) and are looking for alternate sites to use. I think it's important not to rely too heavily on one person or one service, so I would like to support you all in spreading your wings and broadening your horizons. It's a good idea to at least consider registering and participating in other sites also, even if you don't leave dA. 

A lot of people are looking for alternatives to deviantart. While Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook do support visual posts, they are limited. Twitter is notable for being bad for long text posts, and Tumblr is customizeable but can be very disorganized, and any form of community there is very disjointed. Facebook has a heavy censorship policy, similar to usersub on Imgur. Facebook and Twitter compress and shrink images in a terrible way that will destroy the view of high resolution art. Patreon
:iconprettypunkae:prettypunkae 514 408
Best of the Week - 057
Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.



Transcendence by Aeirmid Guardian by VladNoxArt
Guardian by ektapinki
The Little Mirror by vampirekingdom A warrior's soul by Poglazovs
On Stranger Tides distant worlds by veravik
Against the Gods by JaiMcFerran Rescue by Euselia
The Calling by FrostAlexis
Into the Dark by LevanaTempest 
:iconannewipf:annewipf 47 70
[Lexx] by StacyD [Lexx] :iconstacyd:StacyD 178 25 Elsa by chryssv Elsa :iconchryssv:chryssv 1,832 203 Illidan by sandara Illidan :iconsandara:sandara 3,289 170 Black dragon v2 by sandara Black dragon v2 :iconsandara:sandara 12,140 313 Ying Yang by Juneau-88 Ying Yang :iconjuneau-88:Juneau-88 1,348 463 Catch a Falling Star by Enamorte Catch a Falling Star :iconenamorte:Enamorte 158 9 comm : THXCC by Avaloki comm : THXCC :iconavaloki:Avaloki 133 10 Valkyrie (Marvel) by mcguan Valkyrie (Marvel) :iconmcguan:mcguan 228 28 Friday the 13th by creatorofall Friday the 13th :iconcreatorofall:creatorofall 48 9 a green world by Ingelore a green world :iconingelore:Ingelore 94 26 Not Again by MayVig Not Again :iconmayvig:MayVig 39 98 Linkle by 7-8jf Linkle :icon7-8jf:7-8jf 104 3 Sustah Girl, Ballet by mizu-shimma Sustah Girl, Ballet :iconmizu-shimma:mizu-shimma 46 8 Life of Ry - Awkward by Ry-Spirit Life of Ry - Awkward :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,523 134


this is my diffused het amel corn snake, his name is Lord Varys, he's very photogenic
I don't really write fanfics anymore, but I still write stories for school and what not. Would people actually read them if I uploaded them? Be honest please.


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United States
So yes, that is a picture of me. I am a human with two (green) eyes and a nose and mouth and everything is where it should be, however it is not a very pretty face XD. Also, my hair is never straight, it was straight in that pic for a special occasion. It is normally very fluffy and frizzy and wavy, I just couldn't find a picture with my normal hair where I didn't look disgusting. Anyways, I am the oldest of 5 kids. My siblings are my little brother Ethan (11) and has been diagnosed with PDD (a disability on the spectrum of Autism), my little brother Caleb (10) and he has ADHD (same as me!), my little sister Mary (5) and she has a speech disorder, and my little sister Lilly (4) and is the only one without some mental disability! I speak Japanese, Spanish, and have an extensive sign language vocabulary. I know a little bit of Italian, French, and German. I can play the flute, piccolo, recorder, guitar, piano, violin, and ocarina. I am a HUGE hardcore gamer! I am a girl, but rather tomboyish. I love to sing, play music, draw and write, though I'm afraid I'm not very good at any of those those things, but hey, I still enjoy them! I'll listen to all kinds of music except for scremo and rap... correction, I will listen to some rap, but not much. Music is my life, it is very important to me, I do everything with music in the background, I helps me focus. I'm in band, and drama, and I ski in the winter. I know karate and how to sword fight. I am protective of my friends, family, and the people I care about. I'm a bit of a misfit in school, so I'm bullied a lot, but I'm used to it. I love wolves and really all other animals. I have no major fears (other than clowns *shutters*). I'm usually shy and quiet in real life at first, but once you get to know me, you can't make me shut up! I love all things Halloween related and anything that might be described as 'morbid', 'dark', or 'creepy', but hey, it comes with being me! I like to read and write and I like science and history. I'm a little goofy and hyper, but I'm extensively forgiving once I know the person is truly sorry, however, if they show no signs of remorse, then they can rot. Take an eye for an eye, I don't care if it makes the whole world blind. I'll love you until you give me a seriously good reason not to, and even if I end up disliking you, I'll hold a grudge, but likely just blame myself for whatever happened. I guess that's just a product of my anxiety, but oh whale.



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